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My Year on Keto in Three (Hundred and Sixty-five) Steps

As some of you know, I started the Keto way of eating after viewing some pictures of me in…less than great shape. The motivation really came from my little Munchkin, […]

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A Look at the MLS Constitution (Part VI): Owners Behaving Badly (or, Activities Prohibited)

Part I here.  Part II here. Part III here. Part IV here. Part V here. The last section in the MLS Constitution goes over the rules for team owners. You […]

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A look at the MLS Constitution (Part V): Board of Governors Committees and Transferring Ownership

Part I here.  Part II here.  Part III here.  Part IV here. Part VI here. Sports team ownership is definitely like a clubhouse, and MLS is no different. Although as […]

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MLS Cup Week [In Photos]

Wow, what an amazing week. It’s tough to put into words how incredible it was to see the Seattle Sounders host (and hoist) MLS Cup at CenturyLink field last Sunday. […]