Feuerstein’s Fire #363: NASL v. USSF Lawsuit Update Show

No fireworks tonight, but there was what I thought was an engaging discussion regarding all things US Soccer at the lower divisions, which these days focuses mostly around the lawsuits filed by the NASL against the USSF. First up was the owner of the New York Cosmos, Rocco Commisso, who was gracious enough to spend about 35 minutes answering questions from myself, Neil Morris of WRAL Sports Fan, Kartik Krishnaiyer of World Soccer Talk and host Daniel Feuerstein.

While the interview did get a bit testy at times (particularly the interaction between Rocco and Neil), I wouldn’t say there was anything particularly egregious. Commisso is advocating his position as he is entitled to do, and Neil was very professional.

The two issues I tried to get clarification on were regarding NASL’s progress with compliance during the 2017 “provisional” year and just how close were NASL and USSF to settling the case, if they were close at all.

On the first issue, Rocco flatly stated that the NASL did, and to the extent there were any problems, NASL wasn’t given a chance to cure. As to the settlement issue, it’s fair to say that Commisso danced around that issue, not wanting to disclose details of those discussions, nor how close the parties got to a settlement. There were many more questions I could have asked, but I did have three other panelists wanting to ask questions, and my mom always told me to share. As far as the future of the Cosmos beyond this spring/summer, there isn’t much to report. Rocco indicated that they’ll be regrouping and focusing on the lawsuits.

After the interview we discussed all of the issues at play in lower division soccer, as it relates to the lawsuit. I hope you find/found it interesting. Link to the podcast at the top.

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