Much like the CSI enterprise, with multiple franchises littered throughout the television landscape, there are no shortage of lawsuits involving US Soccer. The New York case, filed by the NASL in New York State Court, alleges that the members of the US Soccer Board of Directors breached their fiduciary duties, based on their actions allegedly conspiring to favor USL at the expense of the NASL, or by failing the exercise due diligence by voting against D2 sanctioning for the NASL.

The parties recently agreed to a schedule, by which the defendants have until the end of March to file Answers to the complaint, or file dispositive motions regarding the case. It’s fairly likely that some (or all) of the defendants will attempt to dismiss this matter as it pertains to them personally. If they don’t file dispositive motions, they’ll file Answers, which should provide for some…interesting reading, as we could see responses from the defendants providing explosive rebuttals to the claims alleged in the complaint.

I previously put together a Twitter thread where I went through the interesting points of the compliant. It was pretty seamless to go through, and instead of re-creating it here, I will simply link to that thread, as it includes photos of interesting portions of the complaint.

This suit has somewhat flown under the radar, as it was filed just before the US Soccer election, which was followed by the 2nd Circuit Appeals Court declining to overturn the District Court ruling denying the preliminary injunction. We’ve still got some time until the defendants have to respond as well, which has likely contributed to the limited attention paid to the suit (and, possibly some NASL/USSF lawsuit fatigue at this point).

In any case, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for the responses as the come in. In the meantime, here is my Twitter thread summarizing the NASL complaint.