2018 US Open Cup Gets Some Upgrades

Off the legal track for a minute, but it looks like there are some changes in store for the 2018 US Open Cup. The piddly prize amounts have been raised modestly, and there will be some changes made to the format. H/t to LeanZinger, who dug this out first.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.30.51 PM.png

Another positive development is the increase in the travel expense reimbursement, which will help the smaller teams out (and maybe prevent the need for so many GoFundMe requests). Honestly, the prize amounts should be increased substantially; I’d love to see the winning team pocket $400k, with the runner up at $200k and the furthest advancing teams from the lower divisions at $50k. But these are good steps. Baby steps, but good ones. This is a great tournament, and it certainly deserves more attention and support.

Edit: It does not appear that any versions of the Jacksonville Armada, Miami FC or the New York Cosmos will be participating in this year’s version of the competition. Of note as well is that Clint Dempsey’s suspension for his part in the infamous Red Card Wedding, will be up if the Sounders advance two games in this year’s competition. Amusingly, Cuauhtemoc Blanco still has six games left to serve, which seems a little like giving a 90-year-old a 130 year prison sentence.

Also interesting is that NASL has representation on the committee, though they have no teams participating. Could just be that the committee was formed before NASL closed up shop for 2018, however.

All of the “MLS2” sides are prohibited from entering. The only “affiliate” side competing appears to be Reno 1868, and they will be prohibited from playing their partner side (San Jose) until the final.

You can read the whole thing here.


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