Deadline for PSV/MLS to Respond to SaveTheCrew Complaint Moved

Well, we have a couple of small updates to the #SaveTheCrew lawsuit. I previously estimated that the deadline for a response from PSV/MLS was around April 12, based on the date that the plaintiffs filed and served the amended complaint. Based on that, it looks like the parties (by agreement) have extended the deadline for PSV/MLS to respond to April 19.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.23.43 AM.png

This is pretty standard stuff. Parties will frequently stipulate to deadlines as a matter of professional courtesy (the same thing happened in the NASL/USSF New York case). This also tells me a couple of things:


  1. It appears unlikely that AG DeWine will be filing a motion to obtain the preliminary injunction prior to receiving a response/motion from PSV/MLS to the amended complaint. That is something of a change from what AG DeWine stated in his interview with Counter Attack. My guess is that this change in strategy is based on the fact that PSV/MLS is currently “complying” with the Moddell law, in that they’ve provided notice of intent to cease playing at Mapfre, and requested bona fide offers from local investors. Combine that with the fact that we’re still around a year out from when PSV/MLS could move, and there is not as much need to immediately file the motion.
  2. We’re unlikely to get an answer from PSV/MLS, at least initially. My guess is we will get a motion from PSV/MLS to dismiss the case, or otherwise challenge the Moddell law. This is more of a hunch based on how I see PSV/MLS’ strategy playing out (as well as how they’ve handed lawsuits in other matters). There is really no benefit for PSV/MLS not to go to dismiss this case first as opposed to providing substantive responses to the allegations.

Lastly, MLS has retained local Ohio attorney Marc Kessler to handle the defense in this matter. Now that we have this deadline in place, we can specifically look forward to the next steps in this suit, and prepare for the real fireworks to come. Stay tuned.


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