beckham stadium rendering 2018 jpeg-2

Even though David Beckham seems to be focusing elsewhere to build his Miami MLS franchise, the parties still continue to fight over the Overtown site, where Beckham purchased sufficient land to build a stadium (but not the amenities that the ownership group wants). Well, we’ve got an endgame set for that; oral arguments have been set for June 5, 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.44.55 AM

This basically lines up with my estimate on the timeline of this case so far, which you can read below:

My Post (1)

Of interest as well is that Bruce Matheson (the appellant) has been granted an extension until May 1, 2018 to file his reply brief. But we have at least an end-date to this portion of the proceedings. So while Beckham appears to want to have nothing to do with the Overtown site, the parties continue to fight this case through to its conclusion.


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