A(nother) Quick Trip to Sounders Practice


It was too nice of a day outside, so why not make another trip out to watch the Sounders practice. This was the first practice of the week since their 2-2 tie versus Sporting Kansas City on Sunday. Here are just a few notes I observed.

Injured players on the mend:

With the exception of Jordan Morris (out for the year obviously) and Harry Shipp, it looked like everyone was out and training. In what appears to be good news, Victor Rodriguez (especially), Kim Kee Hee and Waylon Francis were doing more than they were doing previously. They were all involved in early team drills. There was an amusing moment when Roman Torres theatrically fell over, which cracked up the group.



The team then separated into some short sided stuff, and Kim Kee Hee and Waylon Francis donned orange (what I presume) non-contact pinnies. What should be really encouraging was that Victor Rodriguez was fully involved in the exercises here.


After that, the groups split up and worked in smaller groups. Francis and Kee Hee did some individual things, which probably means they are the furthest out. Rodriguez finished up earlier than everyone else, which isn’t surprising since he is probably not fully fit and did the most work of the returning injured players.



So that’s about it from practice. Everyone else looked to be reasonably healthy and in good spirits. Getting a road result can do that for you, especially when it’s the first result of any kind this year. If I had to guess, there is an outside chance that Rodriguez makes the 18 this week, but they’ll probably play it safe. Francis and Kee Hee are still a bit further out, but getting closer. Handwalla Bwana looked like he was also held out of some drills and left early, but not sure if there is anything to be worried about there.



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