Enjoy Your Weekend, MayTheFourth Be With You and Some Postcast Listening/Watching


Well, the weekend is finally here, and looks like we won’t be having any last-minute legal issues to deal with. Hopefully everyone is able to enjoy their weekend watching soccer or hanging out with the fam and/or friends.

If you’re traveling, or would like something to listen to, I appeared on two podcasts this week. First, I joined Gabe Lezra and Ballon D’Order for a deep dive on the latest #SaveTheCrew happenings. A really good conversation so give it a listen. As a reminder, you can check the Podcast section of this site for all of the latest podcast appearances.

Next up was an appearance on Sonarfeed, who I’ll be joining as a semi-regular here and there. My little Munchkin asleep made her online debut for a minute!

Speaking of which: For me, #MunchkinWeek comes to an end Saturday. Good times as always; lots of trips to the park and the pool. Looking forward to the Sounders game and Cinco de Mayo shenanigans. Stay safe out there!


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