Sounders Practice Notes [05-11-18], and Enjoy Your Weekend

A short practice today, as much of the team was understandably still recovering from Wednesday night’s trip back from Toronto. Most of the starters were given much of the practice off, and got to leave early.

Two bits of good news: Victor Rodriguez was out at practice, though bandaged. But he was doing more than I thought someone coming off surgery would be. Hopefully his knee issues are behind him and we can look forward to him back on the pitch.

Harry Shipp was fully involved in practice as far as I could see, with no real limitations. Will Bruin and the Wolff were not out there, but I believe they were doing inside work. Aside from that, it was a pretty light practice, and everyone seemed to be in a pretty good mood. Amazing what three road points can do.


Not too much else of note, except for some Sounders fans hanging up banners well away from the practice field. I could hear “build a bonfire” in the distance. Support how you want, I say.

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