Vegas Vacation

No, it’s not just the title of a terrible Chevy Chase movie (seriously, what was he thinking). I’m off for a fun little jaunt to Las Vegas for a long weekend. Drinks, bets and questionable behavior are all on the menu. The Sounders 2 are taking on the Las Vegas Lights, and assuming we make it to the stadium, it should be a very good time.

So limited updates here for the next four days. The only thing that appears to be imminent legally speaking is the ruling on the motion to dismiss the appeal. There is still a chance we get a ruling this week, but based on what I’ve heard, if we don’t get a ruling today, we won’t get anything until next week. Hopefully nothing comes while I’m on my flight, mid-air WiFi being a bit dodgy.

But unless that ruling comes down, there probably will not be too many news/legal stories here until Monday. I’ll be sure to document any egregious nonsense in Vegas, however. Enjoy your weekend!

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