Judge Brown Grants PSV/MLS Modified Motion to File ‘Motion to Dismiss’ Reply by July 17

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As I expected, the Court has granted PSV/MLS’ modified motion to file their Motion to Dismiss reply by July 17, though unlike some of the previous procedural motions, Judge Brown had a bit more to say about this motion filed by the defendants. Reading between the lines, it’s a good thing that PSV/MLS modified their request to file the reply by July 17, instead of at the end of the tolling period.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 7.47.52 AM

I’d say it’s a fair reading to say that Judge Brown was unlikely to grant PSV/MLS’ original request to file this reply after the end of the toll, which really had no justification whatsoever. So we’ve got get exactly two weeks from today, and the briefing on the motion to dismiss will be complete and ready for argument and a decision. The timing of that decision is still up to Judge Brown, since he has postponed a decision on the motion. We will probably get a bit more clarity on when the Motion to Dismiss will be decided, after the status conference which is scheduled for July 10.

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