Legal Links: The Week in Soccer Legal News

I’ll try this out and see if it gets a good reception. Hopefully it’ll serve a catch-all for the news tidbits you may have missed during the week.


MLS Spared Accelerated Antitrust Trial Against Soccer League. [Paywall]

The article is paywalled, but I was able to get a copy of the full entry of the order.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 4.05.47 PM

It sounds like the Court is sympathetic to the NASL’s plight, but will proceed along its normal course. Deadline for discovery is April 30, 2019. Shortly after that, they’ll figure out the trial date. It could still come in the summer of 2019, but that is likely too late for NASL to have a 2019 season. I talked a bit about the issues on the FirstTeam Podcast.

US Soccer/MLS:

Emails Provide Insight Into How USSF/MLS Used Fraser “Stipulation” to Refuse Training Compensation Payments. In case you missed my story on Training Compensation, I followed up with a story on how USSF/MLS dealt with a player trying to sign overseas.


Judge puts case back on track. We’re now waiting for PSV/MLS’ reply on the Motion to Dismiss, which is due on July 17. We’ll see where things go from there.

McCurdy: Does Columbus really want to #savethecrew? A provocative article, which spreads the blame around for the current situation.

Austin to hold information session about MLS stadium benefits. Part of any deal that PSV/MLS reach with Austin will include so-called “community benefits.” This listening session is the next phase in that process.


Nashville seeks approval of 6 MLS stadium agreements this summer: What’s at stake. To get the stadium under construction, there are a number of agreements that need to be reached, including ordinances, lease terms and a stadium operating agreement. Failure of any of these items would put the whole project in jeopardy, though they are expected to pass.


With latest delay, David Beckham faces biggest fight yet to bring MLS soccer to Miami. Oh you bet he does. His MLS life is on the line on July 18, after what can only be called a major setback.

Enjoy your weekend!


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