Personal Announcement: I’m Joining The Athletic as a Contributor

As it says in the headline: Thrilled to announce that I will be joining The Athletic as a contributor. My focus will be mainly on the legal issues throughout U.S. Soccer, both national (NASL/USSF/MLS) and local (SaveTheCrew), although most of these issues affect soccer on a national level in some way.

I’ve been a fan of The Athletic since they launched. Once they got into the Seattle market and signed up Matt Pentz for their Sounders coverage, I was sold.


It’s a great group and I look forward to adding my modest contribution to the organization. Of course, you should go get a subscription; they frequently run specials, and it’s a great deal either way.

As for what it means for this site: Not too much actually. I’ve still got my own legal work that I’m doing, and this isn’t a full-time gig, so I’ll continue to write about most of the daily goings-on in the legal world of U.S. soccer, which will include breaking news and analysis. Hopefully this will allow me to develop more as a writer, and cultivate more sources and information, to bring you even more in-depth coverage.

On that note: A special thank you to everyone who has supported this site, either through  positive comments, sharing my stories or supporting me on Patreon. Special thanks to the /r/MLS subreddit, who let me post my stories; to the Sounders media folks, who let me cover the team as an independent writer; and Sounder at Heart, where I started writing longform stories. It’s been humbling to have that support, especially in such a short time. I look forward to providing even more interesting stories for you to read.

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