Sounders Practice Notes [09-13-18]: Anniversary

Today saw the return of the remaining Sounders who were on international duty, as both Christian Roldan and Gustav Svensson returned to the training pitch. Both slotted in seamlessly, though Svensson took things easier than Roldan, as he had a much longer trip from Europe.

Svensson said that while he took it easy today, he will be ready to go this weekend versus Vancouver should he be called upon. He was happy to get time with the Swedish National Team, though said that the new Nations League will take some getting used to.


Roldan went through the entire practice today, which was not a particular surprise. He’ll be ready for the game this weekend as usual. He said he enjoyed his National Team experience, and had good things to say about his teammates there.

Today marks a somewhat odd anniversary of sorts, as it has been six months since Jordan Morris underwent surgery to repair his ACL. He’s been working his way back since then, doing more and more in training off to the side. Brian Schmetzer noted about six weeks ago that they had not ruled out a return this year. When I asked him for an update today, he once again said that he is hopeful that Morris will be able to return this year at some point. Noting that he “wouldn’t count the kid out,” there is however no specific timeline for a decision to be made.

Morris hasn’t actively campaigned to get back this year according to Schmetzer, but in the next month or so, it’s likely we’ll get another update. Observing him in his drills, he seems to be getting his quickness and lateral movement back, but whether that’s up to his former (or MLS) standards is a question we’ll have to wait on.


When asked about Morris’ potential return, Roldan said he hadn’t spoken specifically about it with his friend, but that he wouldn’t let him come back before he was ready. He also said that making sure that Morris is healthy was his paramount concern, remarks which Morris said he appreciated (he was eavesdropping on the interview).

Aside from that, this was about as healthy as the Sounders have been all year, with only Torres missing today due to him being the last one on international duty (and being the furthest away). One more practice this week before the Sounders head to Vancouver to try to bring George home.


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