One Year Ago Today…

Here is an odd-but-fun anniversary. Exactly one year ago today, I tweeted out my first comments on the NASL suit against (then) USSF. From then, I’d go on to cover the case, writing a story for Sounder at Heart and appearing on a couple of Podcasts to explain what was going on.

Who knew that a year later I’d have my own website and a gig writing for the Athletic (story out hopefully this week), as well as flying out to Columbus to cover oral arguments on a motion to dismiss. It’s been fun so far, and with my next project (fingers crossed), I hope the best is yet to come.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, whether it’s just words of encouragement, donations/support or giving me the opportunity to have a platform to write or talk about soccer.

Hey, I managed to write this without using any clichés like, “What a long strange trip it’s been.” Oh wait…

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