Happy Holidays

Wow, it’s been a crazy year for me personally. Started out a year ago tweeting about lawsuits and writing stories on Reddit. Then I wrote a couple of features for SounderAtHeart. In February, I started a blog covering all things legal soccer in the U.S., with a side of Seattle Sounders (and cigars). Now I’m a contributor for The Athletic while still doing my own law thing. It’s taken me to Columbus (with a “detour” through D.C.) to cover SaveTheCrew and soccer up and down Cascadia.

So thanks to everyone who has supported me by following the site, or through social media. Special thanks to those who have donated or signed up through Patreon. The Kickstarter campaign didn’t work out, but I’m definitely going to try again. I think it’s a worthy project. Thanks to those who have given me advice along the way. Also thanks to the Sounders front office (& MLS) who credentialed me and helped to expand my voice.

As for next year: More coverage of legal issues in U.S. soccer. I’m thinking of covering the USSF annual meetings in Arizona in February. Hopefully we’ll see a resolution to SaveTheCrew before then (fingers crossed). MLS Collective Bargaining negotiations are underway too. Looking forward to a exciting 2019!

-Miki aka the Socceresq 

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