March 15, 2019.

April 29, 2019.

So I’ve been doing the Keto diet since right before Thanksgiving (and let me tell you, passing up on my parents’ Mac & Cheese and stuffing wasn’t my idea of a proper holiday feast), and I’m pretty happy with the progress thus far.

At least I got to eat the smoked salmon…

I didn’t weigh myself for the first month, mainly because I figured the results would depress and discourage me.

I sort of wish I had now though, since the results have been pretty good. I’m not really into photo before and after shots, but for reference purposes, here is a shot back in late August 2018, when (I estimate) I was around 230 pounds (yikes), and my status as of January 17th, 2019.

Anyway, I’m sub 210 right now (208.6), and the goal is to get under 200 by the end of February. And then, 175 by the start of summer. The diet has been reasonably easy; once you get past the first couple of weeks you really get into the groove.

I try not to weigh myself more than once every 10 days, so I don’t obsess if I’ve gained a pound over a day or something. Ten-day intervals seem like a solid checkpoint. If you’re looking for a quality scale under $30, I recommend the Renpho. You can sync it up to your phone and it measures everything (and I mean everything).

It’s…looking at me. Judging me.

The money I’d be spending on fast food (I do miss my burritos) or going out to eat has basically moved into higher quality and healthy products. And there are some nice recipes to get a bit of a bread/carb fix (Keto Pancakes ftw), without busting your diet.

I could still stand to cut down on the alcohol a bit, even if it’s only low carb beer, or vodka with something sugar-free. Baby steps, though. Wish me luck, and I’ll be back with periodic updates along the way.


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