On Inter Miami’s Quest to Get a Stadium Somewhere (Anywhere)

So I just went through InterMiamiCF‘s proposal to build a stadium at the site formerly known as Lockhart for a USL Championship team. It’s…thin. Like, very thin. Like 80% is just pretty pictures. But one picture (chart really) stood out.

The construction schedule is interesting. They want to have this stadium up and running by spring 2020. Why the rush: they don’t have (and haven’t announced) a USL team to play in 2020. Surely they have their hands full getting the MLS team up to speed?

Check out the construction schedule for the proposed Inter Miami Ft. Lauderdale complex.

I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe Inter Miami is going to launch both a MLS team and a USL team in the same year (the latter would be only less than nine months notice). The logistics of that seem to be prohibitive.

Because there is a 0% chance Inter Miami will be in their own soccer stadium next year, and they have yet to find a temporary venue, I think it’s fair to surmise they could be Trojan Horsing Inter into Ft. Lauderdale while they try to salvage the Melreese deal.

When last we left the negotiations with the City of Miami, some of the commissioners were wanting to bring the lease up for a vote *early* so they could vote against it before the November elections (they need 4/5; right now they have three). 

You can download the Inter report for yourself. Won’t take long; much of the info is duplicative and repackaged to look different. Like a college frosh trying to pad a Econ 101 presentation (not based on real life events). I’ll be breaking down the separate FXE presentation in another story.


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