#KetoLife Update: (First) Mission Complete

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January 30, 2019.

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I need that Final Fantasy VII fanfare.


Phase One of #KetoLife is finally done! I started this journey back in November right before Thanksgiving, and I was absolutely thrilled today to see the scale NOT tip over 200 for the first time in, well, quite a long time. I think I was basically around 210 for years, until some poor eating habits finally caught up with me in 2018, and I went up to around 230 or so.

I was hoping to get under 200 by late February, but being out of town in Arizona and Las Vegas for two weeks slowed the progress a little bit. Still, only being two weeks off the pace isn’t too bad.

September 2018 versus March 2019.

So now that I’m officially under 200 lbs, what’s next? My goal weight is still 175, but I’m also hoping to get back in the gym as the weather gets nicer. My shoulder injury is feeling better (I strained it back in December lifting weights, and have been on anti-inflammatory drugs since then), but I still think I have to go in for a medical consult before I risk lifting weights again.

But I’m feeling much healthier, so getting out and doing some additional cardio (which I hate) will certainly help me accelerate the second phase of weight loss. Maybe I should steal my dad’s bike; I’d surely find it more fun than running or using a treadmill.

I’ve given myself a goal of the start of summer to shed the next 25 lbs, which I think is doable. My diet routine is like a well-oiled machine at this point, so I guess it is time to get out and start running around a bit more. On to summer and 175.


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