Uh, so I had planned to write this update in the morning, before news of the Trademark battle between F.C. Internazionale and Inter Miami went public. And then I had to take off for Sounders practice. Then I had a doctor appointment for my shoulder (it ain’t great, but at least no surgery). THEN news out of Chicago broke too. So, it’s been a bit of a day.

Anyway, as the headline reads, I’ve joined Sounder at Heart as the Sounders beat writer. I’ll be mostly covering practice and other news items (and I’ve got a few news irons in the fire). I’m excited to get started (actually, I already have).

As for what it means for this site and my role with The Athletic: very little. My Sounders practice notes and other Sounders-related news items will be published over at SaH, but beyond that, I’ll be writing and podcasting as much as I was before (and fitting time in for my day job too). I’ll still be contributing to The Athletic on various national issues. As you can see by what happened today, there is plenty to keep me busy writing for the foreseeable future.

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