One of the lessons of being a reporter (which I wasn’t in any official capacity until last year, even if I have a journalism degree) is that not all of your tips pan out. That doesn’t mean that the work going into a story isn’t worth it, but sometimes you don’t get much of an end product. And so it was today as I got what I thought was a juicy tip about an announcement involving Austin FC, the MLS franchise set to start playing in 2021.

Most of you probably know that the “owner” of Austin FC–Anthony Precourt–originally tried to move the Columbus Crew down to Austin. But for the “Save the Crew” movement (and a well-prosecuted lawsuit, and a local owner), might have succeeded. It turned out okay for everyone mostly; the Crew are safe in Columbus, and Precourt has his team in Austin.

Back to the tip: I got an email from a source yesterday that something major was afoot down in Austin, and was going to be announced Wednesday morning. After a long discussion early today, I set out to write a story with this big news. I contacted at least five different sources; some of them had bits and pieces of information, some had no idea what I was talking about. But I was able to confirm large parts of the story. Huzzah! 


I then got a call from a source that was able to provide some additional confirmation, but the timing was completely wrong! The announcement set for Wednesday I was set to scoop turned out not to be what I writing about at all. Right place, wrong time.

On a side note, that’s why it is good to have editors, who can work through stories with you and stop you from going off half-cocked. Also, it lessens the chances of embarrassment and/or lawsuits.

I know this seems like quite a bit of a tease and given the announcement I thought was going to happen isn’t, I’m not going to get too far out in front of my skis here. An announcement is still scheduled for tomorrow; I just have no idea what it is. So as not to leave you empty handed, I’ll provide a copy of the invite.

Invite only to the event Wednesday morning.

What’s a “founding partner?” Your guess is as good as mine. Not even the politicians who are going to be in attendance seem to know. Interestingly, Mayor Steve Adler is NOT going to be there…scheduling conflicts apparently. Anything else I could tell you would just be speculation, and as much as I love that, I’ll hold off.

So you’ll just have to tune in at 10:30 am local time to find out. Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to confirm my other story. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

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