MLS Cup Week [In Photos]

Wow, what an amazing week. It’s tough to put into words how incredible it was to see the Seattle Sounders host (and hoist) MLS Cup at CenturyLink field last Sunday. I split my time between the press box and the stands to get a little bit of both atmospheres for the game.

Almost as great was the time leading up to the game. I was able to meet a number of esteemed media colleagues in my time covering the game. Very cool to meet the likes of Grant Wahl, Jeff Carlisle, the Cooligans, Jason Davis and many more.

Lastly, the parade was fantastic–save a bit of expected cringe from the local politicians–and you could see how much it meant to the players to be able to celebrate with the fans that have cheered them on all season, and indeed since the team joined MLS (and before).

Anyway, the offseason is now here, which means covering CBA negotiations, lawsuits (of which there are still plenty) and the business and law of soccer generally. Buckle up, because the 2020 season will be here before you know it (Edit: Actually I was just able to confirm that the 2020 MLS season will start on February 29)!

Well, assuming there isn’t a labor stoppage.

A week in pictures.

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