Feature: NWSL President Amanda Duffy on League’s Future

I recently conducted an interview with NWSL President Amanda Duffy, following the announcement of the sale of Reign FC to the OL Groupe. She was quite generous to give me a few minutes to talk about the state of the league and what they’re looking to do to increase its stability and visibility. They’ve got some interesting irons in the fire:

  • 14 teams by 2022, which would be a substantial increase from where they currently are (nine).
  • Along those lines, finding more interested owners to invest in the league. The sale of Reign FC for approximately $3.5 million is a relative modest number as sports teams go.
  • That $3.5 number is an accurate valuation for teams in NWSL.
  • Resolving the management agreement with the US Soccer Federation, who provide substantial assistance to the league both on the financial and operational side.
  • Improving the broadcast/media deal, which will increase visibility and the financial outlook for the league.

Once again I appreciate her giving me some time to answer some questions. Hope you enjoy the story!

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