Seattle Sounders Media Match

You can check out a full photo gallery of the carnage here.

The start of the MLS season is here and out in Seattle as part of the festivities, the Seattle Sounders host a Media Match. Sixty members of your esteemed media covering the team get to play in a full 90 minute game on the actual pitch at Century Link Field. Well, “play” is a relative term. It more resembles a pub league without the alcohol to take the edge off. Still it was a great experience and yours truly ALMOST scored a goal.


Anyway, I was in much better shape for this year’s game, which meant I could run around and not need medical attention afterwards. With that milestone set, here is my five year plan to become the most dominant media player on the field:

2021: Increase fitness.

2022: Increase explosiveness.

2023: Increase technical ability.

2024: Work on flair.

2025 (big 5-0): Don’t die.

See you all in 2021 and enjoy the 2020 MLS season!

Lofa Tatupu and I.
Myself, Andrew Hammond (New Tribute), Jayda Evans (Seattle Times) and Mazvita Maraire (Cascadia SportsNet).
Sounder at Heart.
Matt Pentz (Athletic colleague).
Closest to an action shot you’ll get.
Tucked in (for the ladies).

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