Fun with numbers: Fitness edition

I’m writing up part II of My Three-Year Fitness Journey, but here is a fun graph charting my weight ups and downs over the past three years. Fortunately, it’s been mostly (good) downs!

Three years of charting my weight

As you can see, I started out around 220 pounds, though that was after six weeks of dieting, so I was likely much bigger than that. The last recorded weight I had was in 2016, when I weighed 224 pounds after a visit to the doctor for asthma-related symptoms. Aside from that, I typically avoided being weighed like the plague.

Currently, I’m in a massing/lean bulk phase, so my weight is up around 160, which I’ve been pairing with a weight lifting program. This is about as high as I’d like to go, so I’ll be maingaining for six weeks before I begin my mid-winter cut. The general rule is “bulk until your abs start to go.” If you can’t see your abs, your bulk has gone too far. I can still see mine…barely.

I know being weighted is a trigger for some, but it also doesn’t help to ignore it. That said, most know if they are overweight, so if using some other measurement to gauge progress works (photos, measurements), go for it. But don’t ignore it. Eventually it will come back to bite you.

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