Fun with numbers: 5k edition

I was thrilled to complete my New Year’s resolution, even if it did come down to the wire due to the weather and a bit of procrastination. The goal of doing one 5k per month was a bit outside my comfort zone, as I’m not a particularly accomplished long distance runner to say the least.

Still, there is always a bit of extra pride in setting a goal and seeing it through to the end. I’m not sure if I’ll set a similar fitness-related goal for 2022. I’m considering attempting a sprint triathlon or mud run. The triathlon specifically would require a different type of training a preparation, which is why I’m not sure if I want to tackle it this year. We’ll see how 2022 starts off.

But looking back on my 2021 accomplishment, aside from completing the task, I didn’t have any other particular benchmarks I wanted to meet with the races, aside from completing some of them with a sub-30 time. I was able to do that several times, and even broke sub-28 minutes in one race. That’s probably around what my best possible time is without dedicated training, so that’s pretty cool indeed!

My race times for each 5k I completed in 2021

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