About This Site

So, why did I start this site? Well, I’ve always been something of a writer. Back in college, I was a photographer, and wrote stories and columns for my school newspaper, The Collegian.

Aside from straight-news stories, most of what I wrote was well, silly and irreverent. But I really enjoyed doing it. Along with my main concentration (Political Science), I ended up with a degree in Journalism. I decided to follow the law school path, so I didn’t pursue a career in the Journalism field. Of course, you don’t spend that many late nights writing, copy-editing and smelling fumes in dark-rooms without developing an appreciation for what journalists do. So even though I wasn’t a formal journalist, I’ve never lost my interest in the medium; I just never found a subject matter to apply it to…

…until last October. I started digging around court filings related to the NASL lawsuit against the USSF. I began reading the filings in the case, and down the rabbit hole I went. Things kind of blew up after that; as I began to analyze that case, I ended up finding a niche in writing about legal matters that impact the soccer world.

As I began tweeting more about interesting legal issues in the NASL case, my interests grew to include discussing the David Beckham problems in Miami, and the (short-lived) lawsuit regarding the expansion bid in Nashville. With the #SaveTheCrew matter taking up a lot of oxygen in MLS, I expanded what I discuss to cover basically all national soccer legal news that is of interest. Of course, that was difficult to do on the Twitter platform (without writing 37 different Tweets).

Which is where this website comes in. I started this blog on February 28, 2018 to follow and write about all of the legal happenings in domestic soccer. I really hope to translate the “legalese” into a digestible and understandable format, since not everyone went to law school.

Besides writing about legal issues in soccer, I’ll post about random news events and goings on in my life, since I am staying away from Facebook for the foreseeable future. Mostly that will consist of photos of my little girl, my enjoyment of Sounders games and the occasional cigar. I hope you enjoy my writing, and it gives you something to think about.