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Business Metrics 2: Eww

Yeah, this isn't good MLS, and can't totally be explained by bad weather or a march. Advertisements


Enjoy your weekend!

Eat...drink...march. Do you. ✌🏾


David Beckham to Overtown: Screw You Guys; I’m Going…Well, Anywhere Else

Yeah, so this will probably be the last I write about this lawsuit. I wrote a story about three weeks ago, which outlined the basics of David Beckham's eternal search for a stadium site in Miami, and the lawsuit holding it up. The tl;dr version being: Beckham had taken over three years to settle on a ...


NASL Amends Anti-Trust Complaint; Adds MLS as a Defendant (Part I)

As I previously discussed, the NASL indicated that they would likely amend their federal anti-trust violation complaint. Well, they did that and then some, formally adding MLS as a defendant in the federal anti-trust case. This was not necessarily unexpected, as there was always the potential for NASL to amend the complaint based on newly ...


2018 US Open Cup Gets Some Upgrades

Off the legal track for a minute, but it looks like there are some changes in store for the 2018 US Open Cup. The piddly prize amounts have been raised modestly, and there will be some changes made to the format. H/t to LeanZinger, who dug this out first. Another positive development is the increase in the ...


Enjoy Your Weekend

Here is a picture of a Prince cover band performing at a race track in Auburn, Washington I saw last night. It went about as you'd expect.  


NASL v. USSF: New York

Much like the CSI enterprise, with multiple franchises littered throughout the television landscape, there are no shortage of lawsuits involving US Soccer. The New York case, filed by the NASL in New York State Court, alleges that the members of the US Soccer Board of Directors breached their fiduciary duties, based on their actions allegedly conspiring to favor ...



I occasionally guest on podcasts, discussing legal goings on, as well as just talking soccer. We usually have some good informative discussions, so if you'd like to go back and listen to some of those appearances, I've created a page where you can do so. I'll update as needed. Feuerstein's Fire #363: NASL Vs. USSF ...


A Nice Monday Evening Chat About All Things Soccer

Feuerstein's Fire #363: NASL v. USSF Lawsuit Update Show No fireworks tonight, but there was what I thought was an engaging discussion regarding all things US Soccer at the lower divisions, which these days focuses mostly around the lawsuits filed by the NASL against the USSF. First up was the owner of the New York ...


Monday Musings: So Many Questions in the NASL v. USSF lawsuit(s)

No, this won't be a weekly feature (at least I don't think it will), but with some time having passed since New York Cosmos owner Rocco Commisso's remarkable conference call, and with some time before we get more substantive documents in the various lawsuits, I figured I'd ask some rhetorical questions that I'd love answers ...


Welcome to Miami…Eventually. Someday.

Two stories I'd like to write about in the future are: 1) The suit filed by Riccardo Silva (owner of Miami FC which plays in the on-hiatus NASL) and Dennis Crowley (owner of the Kingston Stockade in the NPSL), as well as, 2) The various legal issues, which have been a thorn in the side ...


Time Marches on: NASL and USSF Prepare for Next Battle in Anti-Trust Lawsuit

No time to dwell on the past. After denying the NASL's appeal of the District Court's ruling denying a preliminary injunction, the parties were required to come together within seven days to discuss the next steps of the case. This included setting a schedule to argue the USSF's motion to dismiss. We not only got ...


Rocco Holds Court, and then Burns the House Down

Okay then. NY Cosmos Owner and NASL plaintiff Rocco Commisso just concluded conference call with reporters to discuss all manner of things happening in United States soccer. Commisso pulled absolutely no punches, leaving no doubt about his feelings about soccer in the US ("failed"), MLS ("phony") or the leadership of USSF (a "dog" of Don ...


San Diego 1904 takes its ball to USL, and sheds light (or confusion) on NASL escape clauses

This may be a bit of picking over the NASL skeleton, but the San Diego Union Tribune is out with a story confirming that San Diego 1904 will be joining the USL for the 2019 season, after the NASL cancelled their season. That's not particularly surprising of course. What I found a bit interesting was ...


NASL v. USSF: Where We Are and What’s Next

With the news that Rocco Commisso, owner of the New York Cosmos (and chief protagonist in the various lawsuits against US Soccer) is scheduled to hold a conference call with the media tomorrow, we should be in for an interesting discussion as it pertains to these lawsuits. No word on what he will be discussing, ...