SaveTheCrew Plaintiffs Put Some Pressure on PSV/MLS

I suppose I'd be remiss if I didn't have a brief comment on the news of the day. That came in the form of a motion filed by the State of Ohio to toll the so-called "six month waiting period" required by the Modell law, during which time local buyers are to have the ability to make an offer ...


SaveTheCrew: Did Precourt and MLS ‘Lawyer’ Themselves?

Note: So the following story has been a difficult one to write for a few reasons. 1) The unique nature of this case means that it's difficult to account for all of the potential arguments/outcomes, unlike in the NASL/USSF anti-trust case.  2) There are at this point many unanswered questions regarding the underlying facts. 3) While ...


Enjoy Your Weekend!

Whew, what a day! Signed up a new client, got a lot of work done, and found some time to write about the latest soccer happenings! Unfortunately no Sounders or Munchkin this weekend, but I figure I'll be able to entertain myself. Starting...now!                         ...


SaveTheCrew: Raising the Stakes

Yeah, so this is getting good. We have some big news out of Columbus, with an announcement from Mayor Ginther that Columbus Business Partnership CEO Alex Fischer has lined up potential purchasers, AND identified potential downtown stadium locations. And of even more interest, is a request that Precourt Sports Ventures (PSV) and Major League Soccer ...


A Quick Miami Update on the Overtown Lawsuit, for Anyone Still Paying Attention

Image from Aaron Davidson/Getty Images. Sigh, I guess I can't quit you Matheson v. David Beckham/Miami-Dade County. Even though Miami Beckham United (MBU) haven't expressed any real interest in continuing to build their stadium in Overtown, there is the small matter of the ongoing lawsuit. Last I wrote, Beckham and the City hadn't even filed their responses ...


Happy Birthday to My Little Munchkin!

She is five today! Where does the time go indeed. I stole this photo from her mom, Becca. 😉


SaveTheCrew: When is Notice, “Notice?”

Note: This story was inspired by a conversation I had on Twitter. See, it is good for something! We now know the deadline for PSV/MLS to respond to the complaint file by the City of Columbus has been rescheduled to April 19, 2018. At that point, we'll get a real look at the legal strategies PSV/MLS intend ...


Deadline for PSV/MLS to Respond to SaveTheCrew Complaint Moved

Well, we have a couple of small updates to the #SaveTheCrew lawsuit. I previously estimated that the deadline for a response from PSV/MLS was around April 12, based on the date that the plaintiffs filed and served the amended complaint. Based on that, it looks like the parties (by agreement) have extended the deadline for PSV/MLS to ...


Cigars cont…

I was hoping to enjoy this as a victory cigar after the Sounders game on Saturday. That...didn't go according to plan. So I'm enjoying this now. I'm a big fan of this one, which is White Gold. Kind of a mild cigar, and not much aftertaste. Reasonably priced as well. A definite recommend for this ...


End of Weekend Goodness

Hope everyone is enjoying the last of the weekend. Myself, I'm enjoying some dinner with the family. They always kill it with the Easter dinner. I'll enjoy the leftovers too. UPDATE: Apparently my asparagus-to-Mac & Cheese ratio is being subjected to some scrutiny. 😉


NASL v. USSF (NY): Federation Looks to End Case Before it Starts (PART II)

Note: You can read Part I here. Continuing the discussion on the U.S. Soccer Federation's motion to dismiss the complaint filed by the North American Soccer League in New York alleging breach of fiduciary duty, I left off summarizing what the USSF had to say about the facts alleged in that case. We'll focus on the ...


NASL v. USSF (NY): Federation Looks to End Case Before it Starts (PART I)

Note: I'm going to end up breaking this up into two parts: The Facts (Part I) and the Law (Part II).  There are seemingly more lawsuits than professional leagues in the United States right now, but US Soccer is looking to reduce that number by at least one. As I noted in my earlier post, the USSF ...


Wednesday Night Fun

I decided that reading 400 pages of legal documents wasn't a fun use of my evening. So: Wednesday night soccer! The great thing about lower division soccer is not being subject to some of the stringent rules you have to deal with at MLS games. Such as: SMOKE! Unfortunately, we didn't score, so no smoke ...


NASL v. USSF (NY): The Federation Strikes Back

Well, that's the last time I mock soccer and/or legal gods. The deadline was today for the US Soccer Federation to file their responsive documents in the New York State lawsuit filed by the North American Soccer League, in which they alleged breach of fiduciary duty by the USSF board members. Well, they did so in emphatic fashion. ...


US Open Cup 2018: Cosmos (B), Miami FC (2) Face Tough Road to Participate, But All Isn’t Lost (Yet)

It seems we can't go more than a few days without drama in United States Soccer. With prospective cities dropping out of the running left and right to be hosts for the 2026 World Cup, we got word a couple of weeks ago that the three teams (effectively) remaining in the North American Soccer League would not be ...


USA/Canada/Mexico World Cup 2026 Bid Book is Out

I'm not going through the entire thing, but since I'm a Seattle guy, I filtered out the major Seattle portions of the bid book. No word if the bid includes the waiver of various human rights, as well as every parent giving up their first born child. Seattle Bid Book [PDF]

NASL Amends Anti-Trust Complaint Part II: Professional League Standards and Practices

You can read Part I here. There's likely to be a lot of news coming out this week in Lawsuit Land, so before I get overloaded between my actual work and whatever else happens, I figured it would be a good time to continue the story on the amended NASL complaint, which added MLS as a ...


Business Metrics 2: Eww

Yeah, this isn't good MLS, and can't totally be explained by bad weather or a march.


Enjoy your weekend!

Eat...drink...march. Do you. ✌🏾


David Beckham to Overtown: Screw You Guys; I’m Going…Well, Anywhere Else

Yeah, so this will probably be the last I write about this lawsuit. I wrote a story about three weeks ago, which outlined the basics of David Beckham's eternal search for a stadium site in Miami, and the lawsuit holding it up. The tl;dr version being: Beckham had taken over three years to settle on a ...