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I recently joined full-time (ish) the cast of Sonarfeed, where we discuss all things soccer, Sounders, ECS, beer and life. We broadcast (most) every Monday from the Berliner Pub in Renton (“Ahead of the Curve”), from 7:30-9:00 p.m., so if you’re in the area, come join us!

I occasionally appear on other podcasts, discussing legal issues in the beautiful game, as well as just talking soccer. We usually have some good informative discussions, so if you’d like to go back and listen to any of those appearances, I’ve created a page where you can do so. I’ll update as needed. If you want me to join a podcast to discuss soccer (or anything really), just send me a message through the Contact page.

Feuerstein’s Fire #363: NASL Vs. USSF Lawsuit Update Show. [03/06/18]

Feuerstein’s Fire: 2018 CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals 1st Leg Review Show. [03/09/18]

Feuerstein’s Fire: 2018 CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals 2nd Leg Review Show. [03/16/18]

Feuerstein’s Fire #375: NASL v. USSF w/Miki Turner and Kartik Krishnaiyer. [05/30/18]

Feuerstein’s Fire #404 [01/21/19]

First Team Podcast: Episode 174 (NASL v. USSF appeal hearing). [12/15/17]

First Team Podcast Episode 178: NASL Announces Cancellation of 2018 Season. [02/28/18]

First Team Podcast Episode 187: NASL v USSF with Miki Turner [05/18/18]

First Team Podcast Episode 190: United States Soccer Federation Has Rejected Rocco Commisso’s $500 Million Dollar Proposal [06/07/18]

First Team Podcast Episode 194: NASL Warns 2019 And 2020 Seasons Could Be Cancelled [07/13/18]

Flounders B Team: January Blues [01/25/18]

Let’s Fix Football: Episode 133 – #SaveTheCrew Litigation w/Miki Turner. [04/30/18]

Lower League America: Soccer Lawsuits with Miki Turner [11/08/18]

The Pint After Podcast: Ep 18 – The People’s Court with Miki Turner [04/20/18]

Pitch Invasion: MLS Miami Stadium Plan Goes To Referendum [07/19/18]

Radio Cascadia: Ep 169 – Dallas v Portland Preview [10/31/18]

Soc Takes Pod Ep. 55: The Athletic contributor Miki Turner [10/12/18]

SonarFeed Episode 223: The Sherman Act with Miki Turner. [11/20/17]

SonarFeed Episode 239: Full Club Integration. [04/09/18]

SonarFeed Episode 240: 69 Vote Minimum. [04/23/18]

SonarFeed Episode 241: Well, Actually… [04/30/18]

SonarFeed Episode 244: Another Damn Bye Week [05/21/18]

SonarFeed Episode 245: Group Therapy, Session 15 [06/04/18]

SonarFeed Episode 246 – #SonarBurger [06/11/18]

SonarFeed Episode 247 – ¡No mames! [06/18/18]

SonarFeed Episode 248 – The Papyrus Episode [06/25/18]

SonarFeed Episode 249 – At Least We Had Rosé [07/02/18]

SonarFeed Episode 250 – Five of Nine [07/16/18]

SonarFeed Episode 251 – To mls: NEVER EVER THREATEN SOUNDERS AGAIN! [07/23/18]

SonarFeed Episode 252 – Hey Now! There’s No All-Stars! [07/30/18]

SonarFeed Episode 253 – And Maybe, Frei’s Gonna Be the One to Save Me… [08/06/18]

SonarFeed Episode 254 – Eight Isn’t Enough [08/13/18]

SonarFeed Episode 255 – I Got 5 On It [08/20/18]

SonarFeed Episode 256 – That Tetrapodophis got Nothing on Sammy [09/10/18]

SonarFeed Episode 257 – George is Here? At the Bar? [09/17/18]

SonarFeed Episode 258 – We Like Beer! [10/01/18]

SonarFeed Episode 261 – Actual Decision Day Is Tomorrow [10/17/18]

SonarFeed Episode 262 – Group Therapy, 2018 Edition [11/12/18]

SonarFeed Episode 263 – Too Much Time on Our Hands [11/26/18]

SonarFeed Episode 264 – Oshan United [12/10/18]

SonarFeed Episode 265 – Happy Miki Day [01/07/19]

SonarFeed Episode 266 – Tribute to a Badger [01/14/19]

Total Soccer Show: The NASL vs US Soccer lawsuit, explained by attorney Miki Turner. [11/06/17]

Uncle Sam’s Soccer Podcast: Episode 60 – National Perspective [07/01/18]

The USL Show: Tommy Heinemann’s Controversial Release. [02/08/18]

I also make the occasional appearance on Jason Davis’ excellent SiriusXM FC show, The United States of Soccer, as legal news warrants. Go get a subscription!