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The Socceresq Podcast: Out of the Frying Pan

On this episode, I discuss the ongoing issues involving the Chicago Fire. At war with their supporters, they are now under threat of a lawsuit stemming from an incident from May of last year, which ultimately resulted in the banning of an entire supporter group. I go through the suit, and the off-field problems of ...

The Socceresq Podcast: Happy New Year

The Socceresq Podcast: Happy New Year. In this episode, I talk about my plans for the next couple of months (heading to Arizona for the USSF AGM conference), the status of SaveTheCrew (hint: 98% saved) and AustinFC (hint: mostly done), what's going on in Miami (hint: Who knows) and I tease a story about the ...

The Socceresq Podcast: Crew Saved

The Socceresq Podcast: Crew Saved Also available on iTunes.

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