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Happy New Years!

Happy New Years knuckleheads! Thanks to Brandy and Beth for making it a great time here at Ocean Shores. Only lost $10 at the casino, which I call a win. I don't have anything else to add really. Hope 2019 is a great year for you all. Advertisements

SavedTheCrew: What Now?

So, the Crew have been saved. Well, not quite, but it's looking good. There's actually a lot of work left to do, and plenty of unanswered questions. From not knowing when this deal will be finalized (and whether there will be a new stadium), to the background behind the attempt to move the team in ...

One Year Ago Today…

Here is an odd-but-fun anniversary. Exactly one year ago today, I tweeted out my first comments on the NASL suit against (then) USSF. From then, I'd go on to cover the case, writing a story for Sounder at Heart and appearing on a couple of Podcasts to explain what was going on. Who knew that ...

ESQ2CLB: So, What Did I Think?

Become a Patron:   Note: I covered some of the following in my Periscope after the hearing. Well. I'm home back in Seattle after something of a whirlwind four-day trip to Ohio to check out Columbus and cover the Motion to Dismiss hearing. I was hoping to do more of a daily diary, but Tuesday ...


Peace out Columbus! As I said on Twitter: Never fly to Chicago on United. Flight debacles notwithstanding, I had a great time in Columbus the last four days; thanks to everyone who showed me around. It was nice to put faces to Twitter/Reddit/BigSoccer names. On the way to Seattle by way of (ugh) Dulles. I'll ...

ESQ2CLB: Day 1

Whew! After a 12-hour ordeal, I finally got into Columbus around 1:00 p.m. local time Sunday. I checked into to my room; thanks to German Village B&B for the set up. I'm staying in the German Village ('natch) which is located right on the edge of Downtown Columbus. It's a pretty nice area, and I'll look forward ...

Diary From the Front Lines

  Dearest, After a long trek, I have finally made it. I made a questionable decision riding the public transport at this late hour. Though the trip was mercifully short, the men of questionable character (and hygiene) made for an arduous journey. Unfortunately, morale is low here. The four-hour delay has left people on edge. ...


Enjoy Your Weekend!

Been a busy week, and out here we've got the Cascadia Derby tomorrow afternoon. Tonight, I relax.

TravelBlog: Las Vegas Vacation With ECS

Ah, the end of vacation. It always brings a sense of dread to get back to the routine. Except when you're coming back from Las Vegas that is. The difference between a trip to Sin City and say, camping (aside from the prevalence of the cosmetically enhanced), is that unless you're doing the trip with ...

Vegas Vacation

No, it's not just the title of a terrible Chevy Chase movie (seriously, what was he thinking). I'm off for a fun little jaunt to Las Vegas for a long weekend. Drinks, bets and questionable behavior are all on the menu. The Sounders 2 are taking on the Las Vegas Lights, and assuming we make ...


Enjoy Your Weekend, and a Personal Update

I'm here at CenturyLink field, and I am taking in the game from a different view: The Press Box. I've been credentialed for the rest of the year, so I'll be working some games from up above. It's been awhile since I've worked games from the media side, but things haven't changed too much from ...


Enjoy Your Weekend, MayTheFourth Be With You and Some Postcast Listening/Watching

Well, the weekend is finally here, and looks like we won't be having any last-minute legal issues to deal with. Hopefully everyone is able to enjoy their weekend watching soccer or hanging out with the fam and/or friends. If you’re traveling, or would like something to listen to, I appeared on two podcasts this week. ...


Enjoy Your Weekend, Ahead of a Big Week

Hope everyone is enjoying lots of soccer and nice(ish) weather. Big week ahead with the plaintiffs' response to PSV/MLS motion to dismiss, and the Status Conference scheduled to happen midweek. My updating will be somewhat sporadic, as I'll have my Munchkin all week (thoughts and prayers appreciated 😬😁), so I'll be juggling that as well ...


Enjoy Your Weekend, and Some Words of Thanks

I considered spending today digging around the Delaware State website to find information about the MLS corporate structure, but I quickly realized that sounded like a terrible way to spend a Saturday. So I decided to get outside, enjoy a nice drink and cigar, and watch some soccer. Good for the soul. Hope you're enjoying ...


Enjoy your weekend! [Lots of Pics]

I'm over here on the other side of the mountains in Wenatchee, for my Munchkin's fifth birthday party. I have to say I killed it gift-wise. If you are looking for a reasonably priced gift for kids, two words: Walkie Talkies. Kids went absolutely nuts for them. For $20, it's hours of entertainment.


A Fun Night Hanging With Sonarfeed

Always a good time spending 90+ minutes chatting about, well, just about everything. Had a good discussion about the #SaveTheCrew happenings, D.C. United being sold (with a $500 million valuation; I'll have more to say about *that* later), as well as our depression over the start to the Sounders season. The alcohol helped, that's for sure ...


Enjoy Your Weekend!

Whew, what a day! Signed up a new client, got a lot of work done, and found some time to write about the latest soccer happenings! Unfortunately no Sounders or Munchkin this weekend, but I figure I'll be able to entertain myself. Starting...now!                         ...


Happy Birthday to My Little Munchkin!

She is five today! Where does the time go indeed. I stole this photo from her mom, Becca. 😉


Happy Sounders Matchday

I promise again to keep the Sounders posts to a relative minimum. But hey, it's the opening weekend for MLS and the Sounders. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Update: Well, at least the mimosas and the company were good!



I've decided to set up a blog where I can occasionally write longer pieces than what is allowed on Twitter (at least without having to write 32 separate Tweets). This blog will be mostly focused on news/analysis/opinion of various legal happenings in the Soccerverse. Mainly United States soccer, with a sprinkling of FIFA-based nonsense where ...