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Happy Holidays

Wow, it’s been a crazy year for me personally. Started out a year ago tweeting about lawsuits and writing stories on Reddit. Then I wrote a couple of features for SounderAtHeart. In February, I started a blog covering all things legal soccer in the U.S., with a side of Seattle Sounders (and cigars). Now I’m ...

The Vote: SoccerSuffrage2018 [Live Blog]

Well, here we are. The votes that will decide the future...of MLS expansion/relocation. Sort of. Polls are already closing around the country, and for those of you who won't be hiding under your beds, or drinking yourselves silly. I'll be following the important votes impacting MLS expansion and/or relocation. A short summary: MIAMI: At stake ...


Attorney Pettiness Scale for Filing/Serving Documents

Whenever there is a deadline to file and/or serve documents, you can always measure the pettiness/animosity of one of the parties by what time they file their documents and serve them on the opposing party. This is especially true when you know the party has long since finished drafting the paperwork (this obviously excludes the ...