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The Socceresq Podcast: Happy New Year

The Socceresq Podcast: Happy New Year. In this episode, I talk about my plans for the next couple of months (heading to Arizona for the USSF AGM conference), the status of SaveTheCrew (hint: 98% saved) and AustinFC (hint: mostly done), what's going on in Miami (hint: Who knows) and I tease a story about the ...

The Year in Soccer Jurisprudence w/Steven Bank and Neil Morris

The Year in Soccer Jurisprudence w/Steven Bank and Neil Morris. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a20FPXPrn50 Myself with Steven Bank and Neil Morris If you'd like to listen in SoundCloud form, I've got you covered as well. Same through the website.

Media Notes

Just a couple of personal/media notes here. First, if you're looking for a long form discussion keeping you up to date on the latest NASL/USSF/MLS legal happenings, I joined the Feuerstein's Fire podcast with Daniel and Kartik Krishnaiyer to chat about the latest. Good 45-minute discussion, so give it a listen. Second, I'll be joining SonarFeed as a regular panelist ...


Pint After Podcast

Enjoyed being on the Pint After Podcast show with the guys. We took a break from discussing the #SaveTheCrew matters to get caught up on the USSF/NASL happenings (the USSF/MLS motion to dismiss is due today). Fun conversation; give it a listen! https://soundcloud.com/thepintafter/into-the-coutroom-with-miki-turner


A Fun Night Hanging With Sonarfeed

Always a good time spending 90+ minutes chatting about, well, just about everything. Had a good discussion about the #SaveTheCrew happenings, D.C. United being sold (with a $500 million valuation; I'll have more to say about *that* later), as well as our depression over the start to the Sounders season. The alcohol helped, that's for sure ...



I occasionally guest on podcasts, discussing legal goings on, as well as just talking soccer. We usually have some good informative discussions, so if you'd like to go back and listen to some of those appearances, I've created a page where you can do so. I'll update as needed. Feuerstein's Fire #363: NASL Vs. USSF ...


A Nice Monday Evening Chat About All Things Soccer

Feuerstein's Fire #363: NASL v. USSF Lawsuit Update Show No fireworks tonight, but there was what I thought was an engaging discussion regarding all things US Soccer at the lower divisions, which these days focuses mostly around the lawsuits filed by the NASL against the USSF. First up was the owner of the New York ...