Nature walking

Not much legal news out right now, so I’ve been trying to get out and explore the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. This week I completed my most grueling hike yet: a 26-mile hike with a 3200 elevation gain.

Our crew.

We started with an 8-mile hike to Waptus Lake, hung out for about an hour, then made our way for the remaining 5 miles to Spade Lake.

Near the top.

The last bit was some of the most physically exhausting work I’ve ever done, with a 2200 feet elevation gain in the space of about 2 miles.

Spade Lake.

The views at the top though were breathtaking, and we made camp there for the night where I enjoyed a well-earned cigar and hard seltzer (maybe some tequila too).

Mission accomplished.

The trek down of course wasn’t as exhausting, but not without it’s own trials. I messed my toe up pretty bad, and my big toenail isn’t long for this world. Still, it was an amazing adventure and I’m glad I conquered it! Even if you’re not doing crazy things like hiking up and down mountains, try to get out and explore.

Waptus Lake from elevation.
Clearest water you’ll see.
Taking it in.
River walk.

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